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Contact us for loving Shepherds that have been or going to be retired from our breeding program.  All retired (retiring) shepherds have basic obedience.  We love our shepherds and want the best possible new home for them.

Quarry Lane German Shepherds

We have young females that I have not had time to put on site that will be producing great puppies for our program.  Be sure to check with us for details 

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Why Us?

We are committed to raising dogs that will do what is needed of them. Our specialty is Search and Rescue. All of our dogs are Czech and DDR or combination breeding of Czech/DDR. If you are looking for working dogs, check us out.

Who We Are

Audie and Betty Tash are located in SE Kansas. We have lived here our entire lives. We started into this venture with a female puppy given to me by our daughter. It soon became apparent that we had an exceptional pup. By 5 weeks of age she was tracking me around. That started us on our path of training and raising dogs for Search and Rescue. We also have dogs suited for law enforcement and service work. With proper environment and handling we believe any of our pups would also make outstanding family dogs.